We are never ever ever getting back together... and watching this movie again

I just watched the film Mysterious Skin starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and... wow. It was good. I literally just finished watching it and as the credits started to roll I thought   "Wow. So many feelings. That was really good. To bad I'm never going to watching this film ever again ever."  I know that sounded sarcastic but it's all true! It was an amazing movie! My thought that JGL is one of the greatest actors of our time was definitely solidified and I learned that *I'm never going to let my son play little league. So you know, very educational all around. 

It got me thinking about all the movies I've seen where they have either been amazing conceptually, visually or it just has that something about it that makes it so penetrating. This film could've changed your life for christ sakes! But you do not want to see it again because damn, that was some kind of heavy shit.

So here I present to you my list of Movies That Were Amazing, But You Will Never See Again.

Don't be fooled by the tumblr gifs of Joe being all cute with his shirt off.
*See above comments

To quote Rachel Green "Yeah I know it's really boring, but its like a big deal..."
Citizen Kane is probably considered one of the ultimate classics, known especially for its at the time innovative cinematography and narrative structure (thank you random film class I took in high school). It really is though, I remember being in awe of it with the lighting techniques and the subtle dialogue. 
But damn is it long, 119 minutes actually. 
I know what you're thinking "Avatar is 171minutes!" yea and I wanted to jump ship 30 minutes in. Not the point, you see 119 minutes is good for soaking in the brilliance that is Orson Welles, but only once. You'll agree with me after you find out who Rosebud is...

So this movie definitely doesn't live up to the standards of Citizen Kane, its a 2004 indie movie, but I still found it interesting. It's a simple modern day indie love story. Smart hipster boy meets cute hipster girl and they listen to hipster music together. 
Ok its deeper than that but not why you think. One major thing about this film is the sex, lots and lots of UNSIMULATED sex. I'll let you recover from that shock, but yes practically every scene revolves around the two main leads having sex on camera. 
Sounds intense, but besides having a kick ass soundtrack, the film takes an interesting and controversial approach to the modern day "relationship" and how communications are just purely physical. I'm going to shut up because I could write a whole dissertation about this.
(wow it was hard finding an appropriate photo...)

I don't know what to say. Just no, no no no no no. I can't. I'm sorry.
Amazing cast with Jared Leto and Jennifer Connelly (love you both!) and it made me cry. Also made me have nightmares. I'm glad I watched it because it was amazing but just no.

This movie was beautiful from top to bottom. Especially the scenes with Alexander Skarsgard. But despite all the beauty, Melancholia is just depressing. Which makes sense, its all about depression and the world ending. When my roommate and I finished watching it she screamed "what was the point of that?! They just sat there with the planet killing them all?!" uh... yeah. "Well why didn't they do anything?" There was nothing they could do.
See? Don't you just feel super duper happy and ready for life? Yea we didn't feel that way either. We kind of just sat on the couch the rest of the night watching tv saying "what's the point if we get half off on our Dominos delivery. We're all gonna die anyway..."
fun nights.

Honorable Mentions aka 
The Films That Fuck With Your Mind But You'll Still Watch For Some Stupid Reason
-Natural Born Killers
- Life is Beautiful
- Girl, Interrupted

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